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My Cloak of Bravery

How is it that you
can look into my eyes and
see strength and courage

But when I look in
the mirror all I see is
fear and cowardice?

It must be a trick
of the light and you’re seeing
your own reflection.

If I wear a cloak
of bravery, it’s because
you wrapped it ‘round me.



Wake Up Now Dreamer

Wake up now dreamer
leave your nightmare far behind
know that you are loved.

Wake up now dreamer
your life is waiting for you
to catch up to it.

Wake up now dreamer
bad dreams are not sticks or stones
they cannot hurt you.

Wake up now dreamer
always I’ve been by your side
always I will be.




While out exploring a possibility
a doubt moved in and
unpacked her baggage, dropping
hints everywhere and lying
in bed till noon, demanding my
constant attention.

While entertaining a doubt
a fear climbed in through my open window
of opportunity, stole my silver
linings, then slipped away again
slamming the window behind him.

While experiencing a fear
a possibility coalesced, gray
matter over minding, a ghost
of a chance for one more
voyage of exploration.


Sorry for the lateness of posting this! I was out of range of the inter tubes for most of the day. You’ll have to take my word for it, I wrote it first thing this morning! However – Poem a Day – so I’m still on schedule! only 183 more to go!

Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think I think too much
I lean upon my comfy crutch
and, in introspective vanity
diagnose my own insanity.

I’d like to toss the crutch away
I’d like to stand up straight and say
‘I understand my true calling.”
but I’m so afraid of falling

that all I strengthen is my clutch
upon the ever present crutch.
The crutch I built year after year
from self inflicted guilt and fear.

Sometimes, in retrospect I see
that crutch has been no friend to me.
It’s not a very comfy crutch.
and sometimes I think I think too much.



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