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My Brain – Part VI

Why isn’t the word palindrome spelled
the same backwards as it is forwards?
Why isn’t the word ‘lisp’ spelled ‘lithp’?
If synonym means same
and antonym means opposite
are syns the opposite of ants?
Do the ants know about this?
Or is it ‘sins’ and ‘aunts’?
As if no aunt ever had less than virtuous intentions.
Oh dear, the squirrels are loose in my brain again
and they’ve been drinking coffee and reading
grammar textbooks.
They are looking up the definition of assonance
and giggling.



My Brain – Part V

Well, I’m thinking it looks a lot tidier in here now.


You sound doubtful. Look around, the decks have been pretty much
cleared and everything is squared away.

This is a brain, not a battleship.

Same difference.

Have you looked in there?

The closet?

Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re going to fall for the old “I cleaned my room by stuffing everything into the closet” routine?

Really? You think she just stuffed everything in there?

Do you want to open the door?

Not anymore, I don’t.

Look, all I’m saying is she may not be finished yet. I don’t think we should put the battleship…. I mean the brain, into full service until we’re sure.

So, what, a couple more weeks?

Yeah, at least. And maybe we should drop off a few more of those big orange trash bags. It might encourage her to clean out the closet.



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My Brain – Part IV

Mother Ship this is the Poet at the Bottom of the Well,
I have landed in the middle of my brain.

Sit rep, Poet.

Atmosphere is thick, turning on the fog lamps. Whoa,
pretty cluttered in here, lots of things to trip over.

What kind of things Poet at the Bottom of the Well?

Mostly garbage but, oh, hang on, here we go
some very nice engrams here, definitely worth saving.

Should I send in a clean up team?

Negative, Mother Ship. Just send in some of those big orange
trash bags and a sandwich and I’ll clean it up myself. A clean up team would probably wreck as much as it saves.

Take the weekend, Poet, and get it done.

Affirmative Mother, better send down a couple of sandwiches, Poet out.


My Brain (Part III)

Come close.
Put your ear next to mine.
Can you hear the sound of the ocean?
I can.

I hear waves on a beach I’ll never visit,
gulls on a horizon I’ll never see.
The trick is to not care anymore.
To let it trickle away
like the sand pulled backwards
by the surf.

Come close.
Put your ear next to mine and sigh.
I showed you my ocean,
now you show me yours.



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