Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

My Brain – Part IV

Mother Ship this is the Poet at the Bottom of the Well,
I have landed in the middle of my brain.

Sit rep, Poet.

Atmosphere is thick, turning on the fog lamps. Whoa,
pretty cluttered in here, lots of things to trip over.

What kind of things Poet at the Bottom of the Well?

Mostly garbage but, oh, hang on, here we go
some very nice engrams here, definitely worth saving.

Should I send in a clean up team?

Negative, Mother Ship. Just send in some of those big orange
trash bags and a sandwich and I’ll clean it up myself. A clean up team would probably wreck as much as it saves.

Take the weekend, Poet, and get it done.

Affirmative Mother, better send down a couple of sandwiches, Poet out.


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3 thoughts on “My Brain – Part IV

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  2. Cute description … I know the feeling!

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