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The Beautiful Place

I’m dreaming awake, with my eyes wide open
the world rolls by and nobody notices
dreams behind my eyes
oh, the dreams behind my eyes.

My mind’s eye is a beautiful place
where I can go when I don’t want to race
with the rats or the mice
and their constant advice
about who I am
about who I am.

I’m walking away, without moving
and no one suspects that I might be choosing
a path they’ve never seen
Oh, a path they’ve never seen

I’m floating away from the storms outside
my heart finds the peace of a hurricane’s eye
in just being still
in still being still.



If you think this reads like a song, you’re right. I’ve already put down the working tracks in Bill’s studio and will be working on this song in the future. Who knows, maybe it’ll make it to the CD.  😉

Ear Worm

My brain is like a two year old
who’s learned a brand new trick
and the song that it’s repeating
is going to make me sick.

It’s not that it’s a bad song
or one that’s not deserving
of airplay, but three days straight
is getting quite unnerving.

Every time I stop to think
my brain’s new song is playing,
my health’s begun to suffer
and my sanity is fraying.

It seems the only chance of peace
is taking drastic action
and teaching brain another song
as some form of distraction.

And though I know my one track brain
will just switch songs, at best.
At this point I believe a change
is as good as a rest.

Breathing Free

The best things in life are fleeting;
the savour of a home grown melon, dripping sweetness,
the caress of a soft chinook wind on a winter cold face,
the oriole’s song vibrating down the ravine,
the prismatic gems on a raindrop studded lawn,
the good earth breathing humus into the dusk.
The best things in life are fleeting and worthy
of remembrance so that in dark moments
we may close our eyes, hold them close,
and breathe free again.


Frozen Heart – (song lyric)

I thought you might be interested in another form of ‘poetry’ that I write – song lyrics. If you click on this link (it’s the fifth song down) you can scroll down and hear the song being performed (from my CD “Breathe”)


There’s a chill in the room

I put another log on the fire

But I know that the flames are never gonna burn much higher.

There’s a chill in the room

No need to wonder where it starts

It’s a cold wind blowin’ over my frozen heart.


The ice – began to form – – years ago

Like a glacier creepin’ through the snow

The ice age came then rumbled on

Freezing my heart like a mastodon

Now I’m ancient hist’ry, me and my frozen heart

We Are the Ones

We are the ones who take the chance
Who sing the song, who step the dance
Who dare to try, who lose control
and don’t care who might see our soul,
the ones the world’s sweet song enchants.

And in our search for  true romance
We take a stand, a lover’s stance
Against indifference, hard and cold.
We are the ones.

Come sing the song, come step the dance
Give up your heart and take the chance
And open up your eyes, behold
as possibilities unfold.
take back your dreams from circumstance.
We are the ones.



Not a rondel, but a rondeau – inspired by a comment from Tony!


When I am gone the birds will sing
as if I had never been.
It is a rather morbid thing
to think of in the dawn.

But looking at it rationally,
the birds have no interest in me.
They sang before I came to be
They’ll sing when I am gone.

The fact of it was there and yet
I was blissfully unaware of it
and now it makes me feel a bit
sad when birds are singing.

But no, I will not fall in this
egocentric black abyss.
I will reclaim forgotten bliss
in  songs the birds are bringing.



Backhoe Blues

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
I got the following that backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
Even trucks pullin’ trailers pass us by like yesterday’s news.

I drank a pot of tea this mornin’and it’s causing me some pain
I drank a whole pot of tea this mornin’ and it’s causing me some pain.
If I don’t find a bathroom I may never uncross these eyes again.

Oh, my red lights are flashin’, flashin’ a warning sign
My red lights are flashin’, yes, I’m your warning sign.
Ten miles left to go and I’m bored right outta my mind.

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
I got the following that backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues
Tappin’ breaks for hours now my foot’s asleep in my shoe.

Well when we get home, I’m gonna park right in the yard
Oh when we get home, gonna park this red truck in the yard
And if you ever ask me to do this again, gonna have think real hard. 

I got the following the backhoe at 15 miles an hour blues……


(This was written with my friend Cynthia in mind, she loves the blues and jazz and she knows what I was doing for three and a half hours yesterday, lol!)

Bamboo Soul

pen and ink drawing "Bamboo Soul" by L. Studley

pen and ink drawing "Bamboo Soul" by L. Studley

Bamboo Soul was originally a poem, then it became a song, and now it resides, apparently quite happily, in both worlds. Sometimes I speak it, sometimes I sing it.

Bamboo Soul

I’d rather have a bamboo soul
Singing in the dark
Than one of oak, hard and hid
Beneath an inch of bark.
You tell me time is a dangerous place
You tell me that I must be strong
But I’d rather live deep and now and here
Than never live at all.
I’d rather have a duck down heart
Floating free and soft
Than one of stone; dead and cold
Beneath an inch of moss.
You tell me love is a dangerous place
You tell me that I must be strong
But I’d rather be crushed and start again
Than never start at all.
I’d rather have a water will
Trickling stone to dust
Than one of iron that tears have left
Beneath an inch of rust
You tell me life is a dangerous place
You tell me that I must be strong.
But I’d rather be flesh and blood – and bruise
Than never feel at all.
With my water will
My duck down heart
And my bamboo soul
Singing in the dark.

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