Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Haiku for the Geese as They Go….

Geese are ganging up
honking taunting ‘nyah, nyah, nyahs.’
Flipping me the bird.


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2 thoughts on “Haiku for the Geese as They Go….

  1. Feeling abandoned? Allow me to offer this as compensation.

    This morning’s snowflakes
    drift among the dogwoods with the
    fireflies’ winking lights.

    • Awww… that’s lovely! We don’t have any dogwoods up here, nor fireflies. But I remember when I was growing up in Quebec – we had fireflies there – they are such magical little critters – lovely to include in poetry as they are a bit like little bits of poetry themselves. Yes, I feel compensated. Thank you!

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