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Haiku for the Geese as They Go….

Geese are ganging up
honking taunting ‘nyah, nyah, nyahs.’
Flipping me the bird.


The Fleeting Season

The honking wakes me.
Geese slice summer to ribbons
like Damocles’ sword.

Winter is the sword
suspended over our heads,
the autumn spoiler.

The fleeting season,
autumn glows in the last light
of a waning sun.


Just This Once

Frost, geese in a vee,
September is here again.
Where did summer go?

Time to start the drift
into winter denial.
There is no escape.

The darkness that falls
too early and leaves too late
is the hardest part.

Frost, geese in a vee.
Take me with you when you go.
Just this once, just once.



April Morning


Morning light on snow
My sense of humour fails me
Is it Spring or not?

I imagine geese
who just honked in from parts south
shaking their slim heads

And the red robin,
perhaps somewhere turning blue.
April morning sigh.



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