Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Stompy the Squirrel

A chipmunk sat outside my window this evening
twitching his tiny tail.
Bright eyed, darting hither and yon
up and down the trail.
Then Stompy the squirrel lands on the roof
his army boots laced up tight
he starts training for a marathon,
and he stays at it all night.

A moose stood outside my window today
munching on willow tips.
Gawky yet graceful he nips and he nibbles
with soft, dark, velvet lips.
Then Stompy stops by and sits in a tree
and lets out a bloodcurdling shriek
a squeaked filibuster of epic proportions
that seems like it lasts a week.

A bear lumbered by my window one day
and peeked in as I peeked out
I jumped and he jumped and we both backed up.
I was too overawed to shout.
Then Stompy the squirrel moved in upstairs
and started to gnaw on the rafters,
scratching and scrabbling all through the night
like he’s digging a hole to hereafter.

So, do I like nature? Well you may ask
I like nature just fine…. Although
If I’m going to maintain my sanity
Stompy the Squirrel’s gotta go!


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